Packing & Costs

For those of you who are interested in a similar adventure of your own, here are the estimated costs for this trip and what all I brought. Hope it’s helpful!

Packing List

red are the things I regret taking, green is what I should have brought.

(because I will be hiking before spending a few weeks volunteering I have tried to keep my pack as light as possible with only the bare minimums)

  • Pack: my Jansport pack has been traveling for about 15 years now. He has been a real trooper, and if there is anything you should invest in is a good pack!– rainfly is essential!
  • money belt- the most fashionable phanny pack.
  • Hiking boots
  • 1 lightweight sleeping bag
  • 1 blowup pillow
  • 1 pair of Chacos
  • 1 swim suit- side note: PLEASE do your research beforehand or be aware of the local’s behavior! It is NEVER acceptable in Nepal to wear only a bathing suit out in public if you are a female! 
  • 4 underwears (no worries- plenty of soap!)
  • 1 long underwear (even hiking in the snow, my legs stayed warm with my hiking pants and long socks)
  • 2 tank-tops (not really appropriate to wear out in public and found no reason to wear otherwise) 
  • 2 T-shirts
  • 2 (if you have a jacket, 1 will do fine!) light weight long-sleeve shirts
  • 2  sport bras- bras do not dry quickly! maybe 3 would have been better!
  • 2 pairs of hiking pants
  • 1 fleece jacket
  • 1 rain jacket
  • 1 dorky sun hat- never used but should have
  • 1 lightweight towel– should have brought a quick dry towel! 
  • 3 (good) hiking socks
  • toiletries & first aid kit- EXTRA BAND-AIDS
  • pocket knife/headlamp/flashlights/lighters
  • DR.BOHNS ALL PURPOSE SOAP (seriously wonderful)
  • “LifeStraw” water purifier
  • sunglasses/water bottle/extra laces
  • bed spray/bug spray
  • 1 Journal & many pens
  • 1 Travel Guide
  • 1 pair of binoculars for star gazing- A MUST
  • a simple $50 digital camera from Target
  • Phone/Kindle (so many good book stores- i suggest waiting!)/ Battery Charger & Converter- warning: keep it simple and lightweight!
  • lightweight sneakers for walking into town & doing sight seeing- many many many stairs! 
  • clothes pins rule
  • toilet paper, toilet paper, toilet paper! for blowing your nose if nothing else!
  • more and more sunscreen
  • hand sanitizer to spare

Estimated Costs

Once you are in Nepal, you can live for fairly cheap. The biggest cost is getting there. I monitored flight prices for about a month and a half, and with taxes and fees I ended up purchasing my tickets for  $1455. This was about $600 cheaper than when I first looked at flights. SO KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN!

The next biggest cost was the Volunteer Fee. The fee covers living with my host family, the meals they provide, and the resources I will use during the program. Total cost was $800.

From there, costs haven’t been so bad.

Travel Insurance (May 24th-July12th): $90

Trekking Permits: $150

Visa: $40

Istanbul Tour/ Bed & Breakfast: $240

Digital Camera & Memory Card: $80

Medication/First Aid: $50

Other Supplies: $260

(Over Estimation) What I Expect I’ll Need For Transportation/Lodging/Food/Rec for 52 Days: $1,200- even after buying a new backpack and gifts for everyone, I had money left over. you just have to know how to bargain! 

TOTAL: $4,265

Yes, this trip is very expensive, and it would not be possible without all the kind and generous people who have supported and donated to this adventure of a life time. I could not thank all those who have helped enough.


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