So internet is 30rps a minute, so here is a quick summary of what I’ve done since arriving in Kathmandu. Keep the texts comming! Love hearing about your day!


-met many incredible people

-boulder blocked trail so spent day with local boys who brought me swimming in a natural pool, and then played soccer

-Binod showed me his village, school, and introduced me to a paralized man who before paralized hiked everest 20+ times

-construction of road= huge contraversy

-saw yaks, horses, mules, goats, cows, stray dogs, chickens, ducks, countless birds, and other animals roaming free

-met australian, us, uk, chinese, canadian, and french trekkers and although interesting, I’ve had more fun with locals

– Powell (age 6) taught me to whistle.

-Madan lives in Chitwan but we met in Chame- very intellegent and taught me much about the environment and agriculture- said he would give me tour in Chitwan

-Robie and I had rice beer with a blind man

-blind man taught robbie and I how to make rice beer

-pooped the authentic way

-drove around town to avoid boulder in a jeep driven by four brothers no older than 14 and seven other passangers while blastic Napli music- most surreal experience of my life

-Hiked to Chame- indiscribable

-lots of yummy food, beer, and tea- gained 20lbs already

-invited into woman’s kitchen to see how she makes food- we drank Napli wine and spoke in handgestures

-Robie is just perfect- teaches me a ton

-Hiked the most incredible 6hr trail to Pisang- words can’t do it justice

-met more incredible locals

-got chased by a yak

-trekked 7hrs to Manang- seriously, photos won’t even do it justice

-drank more delicious tea, ate more delicious food

-sat on a roof with french woman gazing at the painted backdrop called our “hotel view” 

Even with a broken backpack, a new blister everyday, sunburnt hands, and cloths that won’t dry- I am having the time of my life. This doesn’t do the past few days justice, but it’s the best I can do right now. 

Journalling every day, so I will go back an edit when I can! 

Love you all! 


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One Response to THE FIRST 4 DAYS

  1. eslangie says:

    Except for the broken backpack and wet clothes, it sounds perfect!!! What do you think about the bridges? LOVE you. And say hi to Robie!

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